Andreas B. Badenhorst

Chairman and Co-Founder of Spearhead Capital

Andreas graduated with BCom and LLB degrees from Rand Afrikaans University (Now The University of Johannesburg) in Johannesburg South Africa.  Prior to being admitted as an Advocate to the High Court of South Africa, Andreas enjoyed a career in the insurance industry for eight years, founding companies that specialize in unique personal lines of insurance. Andreas developed and successfully placed various insurance products for a niche vehicle market.

Andreas is the chairman and a founding partner of Spearhead Capital and Legacy African Development Corporation.  Over the past nine years Andreas has specialized in commercial law and property development, successfully developing commercial and residential real estate.  In the last three years he has been instrumental in the acquisition, refining and implementation of institutional trading technology on behalf of Spearhead Capital at various world leading FX brokerages and FX banks.  Spearhead Capital currently offers exclusive managed trading accounts to both institutional and retail clients.

Spearhead Capital is based in Victoria, Seychelles – Johannesburg, South Africa – Sacramento, California USA.  Andreas currently resides in Johannesburg.

Andreas strives to bring profitable solutions to market for Spearhead and its clients through innovation, product development and refinement.  He has a constant search for improvement and growth, never being satisfied with the status quo.  Andreas believes that constant innovation is the key to progress and success.

Andreas and his wife Andy have a keen interest in financial education and are involved in leadership training, humanitarian and relief work in Africa and its islands.

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Arno D. van Rooyen

CEO & Co-Founder of Spearhead Capital Ltd.

Arno is a Co-Founder of Spearhead Capital Ltd. and currently serves as the CEO for the company, he holds various Fund Management and Commodity Pool Operator licensing internationally.

Early career, after obtaining an International Capital Markets qualification in London, England, Arno accepted an invitation and appointment to the board of directors of an international asset management company, serving as a part of the corporate finance team for several years.  During that tenure Arno and his team successfully obtained public listings for a number of the firm’s clients on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), and created numerous offshore entities and private mutual funds for the firm’s wealth management clients.

As a founding partner of Spearhead Capital he was intricately involved with the successful acquisition and implementation of institutional trading technology at leading FX Brokers and FX Banks in a highly regulated environment. He continues to build and maintain strategic institutional and international relations and has extensive experience as an investment professional.

Arno represents Spearhead Capital as the registered investment manager for an Offshore hedge fund specializing in the management of primarily pension funds as well a discretionary investment.

Spearhead Capital Ltd. is based in Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles – Johannesburg, South Africa and Sacramento, California, USA.

Arno and his wife, Sonja, are also passionately involved in Humanitarian Water and Relief projects as well as Leadership training within many third world countries on the continent of Africa.

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