Spearhead Capital Limited is an Investment Manager focusing on efficiently managed investment accounts, using sophisticated quantitative techniques and proprietary mathematical money management models in Spot Forex. Our Automated Trading investment selection delivers systematic, disciplined and emotionless investing, ensuring consistent implementation of our investment philosophy; free of subjectivity, consistent with our systematic quantative models.

Spearhead Capital was established to fulfill the specific requirements of an independent group of sophisticated investors. By utilizing institutional technology, investment analysis and trading instruments Spearhead is able to provide retail investors with access to institutional investment performance.


Spearhead offers a solution whereby investors can diversify their current investment portfolio to include currency trading, in a controlled and transparent structure.

Spearhead has developed and end-to-end Forex trading solution, which includes institutional algorithms, an automated trading system, investment structure as well as partners, traders and back-office functionality for full transparency.



Typical investors that place assets under Spearhead’s managed accounts are clients looking for a transparent and controlled approach to enter the Forex market, for the purpose of diversification and exposure to the potential of enhanced returns. As such, Spearhead falls in to the classification of an Alternative Investment Manager.

Spearhead’s Managed Account structure is an “Invitation Only Opportunity”, which means that there is no advertising or active marketing.

Spearhead employs investment professionals to ensure that only qualified investors are selected.


What Makes Us Unique

  • Spearhead is wholly owned and operated by its principals, who are not intermediaries.
  • The trading mechanism is institutional and is controlled with accuracy and transparency.
  • The developers and head traders, have extensive experience professionally trading the currency market.
  • We use moderate-risk trading strategies only.
  • Investors have their own segregated trading account at all times.

Please contact us should you require more information.