Spearhead Capital has joined with Carbolosic LLC, Alliance Media Group, and South Atlantic Regional Center in the advancement of a new technology that is poised to revolutionize the biofuel industry; Introducing the patented and groundbreaking CTS™ (“Cellulose-to-Sugars”) process. The CTS™ process is a simple, cheap and safe method of converting cellulose to the sugars for the production of the biofuel ethanol.

Current methods of cellulosic sugar production can be expensive, and require the use of acid or enzymes coupled with long periods of time. These processes are also reliant upon the availability of certain feedstocks, such as corn and potatoes, resulting in price swings within crop commodities.

The revolutionary CTS™ process is the only mechano-chemical dry process available today. It transforms the cellulose in materials such as agricultural waste, fruit peels, wood, and even paper into sugar in just 30 minutes without the use of potentially hazardous acids or enzymes. Because of its range of inputs, the CTS™ process is also less dependent upon crop cycles and the price of various commodities.

Carbolosic holds the exclusive worldwide license to the University of Central Florida’s US Patent 8,062,428 for the conversion of cellulose to various products, including cellulosic sugar for the production of ethanol. Experts agree that safe and cost efficient cellulosic sugar will allow ethanol fuels to play a much bigger role in the future of the multi-trillion dollar renewable energy industry.The revolutionary CTS™ technology meets these criteria, and has already been labeled a game changer in the alternative fuel industry.


Growing Infrastructure

Spearhead Capital and its business partners have the advantage of being first-to-market with this new and innovative technology. The multinational partnership is currently licensing and franchising CTS™ plants in the U.S. and around the world to help meet the growing demand for cellulosic sugar to produce ethanol.

In the United States alone, 40 billion gallons of cellulosic sugar is required each year to produce current levels of ethanol. With only 200 U.S. plants in operation today, the opportunity to expand production through modular CTS™ plants is clear. Spearhead Capital and its business partners are poised to take advantage of this growing demand through the patented CTS™ process.


EB-5 Opportunity

Spearhead Capital and Carbolosic have also joined with South Atlantic Regional Center (“SARC”) to raise EB-5 investment funding for state-of-the-art CTS™ plants. SARC will work with Spearhead Capital to raise $30 million (USD) per plant via the United States’ safe and well-established EB-5 investment program. Through the EB-5 program, approved foreign investors and their families are granted a pathway to U.S. citizenship in exchange for a minimum investment of $500,000 plus administrative and legal fees. Visit www.SARCEB5.com for more information on the US EB-5 program.

The CTS project is one of the most highly anticipated EB-5 investment opportunities in the marketplace today. It boasts strong backing from U.S. Federal and local governments, and helps to meet a vital need in the development of clean, renewable energy source. Contact Spearhead Capital or SARC today for more information on how this exciting new investment opportunity can help you and your family to meet your immigration and financial goals.


















Carbolosic LLC is a subsidiary of Alliance Media Group Holdings, Inc. (AMG). Carbolosic holds the exclusive worldwide license to the University of Central Floridaʼs US Patent 8,062,428 for the conversion of cellulose to various products, including sugar; the CTSTM process.



Alliance Media Group (“AMG”) and its subsidiary brands are dedicated to the pursuit and development of “Natural” or “Green” technologies that offer a viable solution to the worlds energy, food and health concerns. With its partnerships and strategic alliances around the globe, AMG is working with the world leaders in bio-fuel production, green energy development, plastic waste conversion and recycling as well as low cost sugar production from cellulosic material.


AMG Renewables

AMG Renewables, LLC, a Florida limited liability company (“AMG Renewables”), is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMG. AMG Renewables has entered into an agreement to acquire the controlling interest (51%) of AMG Energy Group, LLC a Florida limited liability company (“AMG Energy”). AMG Energy owns a majority interest of Carbolosic, LLC, which holds the exclusive license to the University of Central Floridaʼs patented technology known as “CTSTM”.



South Atlantic Regional Center (“SARC”) is a federally approved Regional Center headquartered in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. As a leading processor of investment-based immigration, SARC and is licensed by USCIS to undertake EB-5 projects in South Florida. SARC, along with its partners USREDA and EB5 Petition, are your trusted partners in navigating the EB-5 immigration process.



United States Regional Economic Development Authority (”USREDA”) is one of the largest and most respected processors of investment-based immigration (EB-5) anywhere in the world. By connecting investors with emerging organizations in key growth sectors such as innovation, real estate, tourism, and university and governmental infrastructure, USREDA is building wealth without borders for its clients.