Spearhead Capital – A leading company with progressive global investment strategies and investor education.

From next-generation revolutionary investment strategies for individual clients to sophisticated solutions for multi-national businesses and institutions, our mission is to connect people with possibility and profitability. 


We go beyond investment solutions by building strong client relationships and delivering unsurpassed results, quality and support.

Wealth preservation and risk mitigation are key factors in successful investing.  We constantly innovate to provide the smartest solutions, and our global reach and depth create a platform to make those solutions a reality. We understand that changes in one area can have unforeseen consequences in another, and therefore develop solutions with the bigger picture in mind.

Investment strategies include offshore corporate structures and institutional automated trading technology. Spearhead Capital has tailored solutions that offer the purest expression of refined research and distinguishing performance.

Portfolio of Services

Our diverse and highly skilled global team continually strives to deliver exceptional value and quality. Spearhead Capital provides barrier-free access to due diligence and data for our clients to make educated decisions in this regard.  The strengths of our product range are measured by the success of our clients

  • Investment Strategies and Education
  • Automated Trading Software Development
  • Venture Capital
  • Corporate Structure and Asset Protection
  • Investment Events and Education

Against the backdrop of the current global economy, Spearhead Capital offers these products and services as a well-defined blue print to financial success.


Global Scope

Our geographical diverse team of professionals demonstrate proven expertise in servicing clients world wide.

With opportunities emerging in every market around the world, we adhere to an aggressive research and development model that targets these opportunities and develops subsequent investing solutions that are consistent with our core aspirations.